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Download Accelerator Plus (DAP) is 100% spyware-free!

We at Speedbit, have been working hard every day (for the last five years..) to bring our users products and services that really make a difference and at the same time respect and preserve our users' online privacy.

We are very proud that over 300 million users worldwide have chosen to use our award winning Download Accelerator Plus (DAP) product. This is a huge vote of confidence in DAP as a product, and maybe even more so of SPEEDbit's commitment to safeguarding users' privacy.

Naturally, when our users reported that several anti-spyware applications had detected DAP as a potential threat, we immediately embarked on a relentless effort to communicate with those vendors and resolve all such occurrences as soon as possible.

Whether the concern was a result of DAP's unique architecture, further needed granularity in DAP's configuration options during installation or additional needed clarifications or terminology, we have continued, all along, to make sure that our users could enjoy the same confidence they have become accustomed to in using SPEEDbit's products.

To date, the anti-spyware vendors, with whom SPEEDbit had the opportunity to communicate and to expose its ways of operation and provide the necessary clarifications, have removed DAP from their detection lists. Other vendors have delisted DAP even without working with us, and some vendors never listed DAP to begin with.

Here are some of the most prominent anti-spyware vendors that do not include DAP on their detection list

and more...

Some of the products are in the process of updating their detection lists and in order to allow all latest changes to take effect, we recommend that you will make sure to run the most updated version of your anti-spyware application.

Write to us - you're opinion matters

If you have other problems, comments, and concerns please write to us. If the information above addressed your question/concerns, we would be glad to hear about it.






Important Notice: The above information is provided for informational purposes only, and does not imply or intend to represent any relationship or affiliation between SPEEDbit and any of the above-mentioned companies or other third parties.

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