Speedbit and Comcast team up
for amazing download speed demo

Downloading a 4.2GB file in just 7 seconds

At the 2013 Cable Show, Comcast Corporation Chairman and CEO Brian L. Roberts did a live demonstration of a whooping 3.28 GBps download speed (downloading a 4.2 GB video file in just 7 seconds). This amazing speed was made possible using Comcast cable network and Speedbit acceleration engine.

How was this made possible?

It takes two for a tango, just as it took two to make a download happen so fast -
(a) A connection having the potential to reach such high speeds (Comcast); and
(b) An acceleration engine that will make sure data flows through efficiently (Speedbit)

Speedbit's technology eliminates the impact of latency. It allows communication in multi parallel channels using its patented streaming acceleration engine. The result is a data flow that is as close as possible to the available bandwidth totally overcoming the inherent latency of the connection.

Watch the video - Comcast boosting speed to 3.28 GBps! (powered by Speedbit)

Here is what our Comcast colleagues had to say:

Thank you for your support and partnership in the recent high-speed internet demo during our CEO's keynote at the 2013 NCTA Show in DC.
We were able to demonstrate a downlink speed of 3.2Gbps while downloading a 4K video file.
Please convey my thanks to your team involved in this effort.
It is much appreciated.

Aljit J. J., SVP Comcast Innovation Labs
So – let me echo Aljit's note – the product was great and I heard nothing but praise from Neil and Chris, cc'd, who were close to it...

Sam Chernak, SVP Access Technology | Office-of-the-CTO
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