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Speedbit Announces the All New DAP 9

Haifa, 3 December, 2008

Speedbit (http://www.speedbit.com) the leader in data acceleration technology, and recognized as a 2008 Technology Pioneer by the World Economic Forum (http://www.speedbit.com/press/world-economic-forum-technology-pioneer/), announced today the release of Download Accelerator Plus (DAP) 9. DAP is the world's most popular download manager, with over 166 million installs to date.

The all new DAP 9 delivers what users have requested. New features include: downloading of web videos, converting videos to run on numerous devices such as iPod, PSP, iPhone, a choice of Internet Explorer style or Firefox style downloading, multi antivirus download security, and enhanced download acceleration and usability.

"Our users are our number one priority. We listen to their requests and DAP 9 delivers," said Ariel Yarnitsky, Speedbit's CEO. "We realize these are difficult economic times, and we wanted to do something special for our amazing users this holiday season. That's why we've included powerful new features for free in DAP 9 that are normally found in paid products or services elsewhere."

In DAP 9, downloading popular videos from sites such as Metacafe, and Facebook, is now just one click away, allowing users to play their videos whenever they want.

Additionally, a simple, straight-forward interface allows for converting web videos to the format the user wants. In only a few moments a user can go from watching a video on the web, to watching it on any computer, iPod, PSP, iPhone, cell phone, or other device.

DAP 9 now offers accelerated downloads with a choice of preferred Download Styles. Users can choose Internet Explorer style downloading, or Firefox style downloading, which includes a list view for easy reference.

Speedbit has taken download security to a whole new level with the introduction of Multi Antivirus (MAV) Analysis, giving users insight into the safety of the files they download, as they download. In DAP 9 users see the results of a MAV analysis of the files they download, and this report helps users gleam valuable information about the status of their files. Additionally, users can see if their antivirus program has falsely identified a legitimate file, or worse than that, failed to discover a malicious file.

With the latest release of DAP 9, Speedbit continues its promise to provide the fastest possible download speeds. This is especially true for High Speed Internet, as reported by the Singapore Government CIO. In tests they performed, DAP's performance over High Speed Internet provided four times faster download speeds vs conventional downloads (http://www.ida.gov.sg/Publications/20071211150853.aspx).

"Our advanced technology is at the heart of what we do," said Idan Feigenbaum, Speedbit's Founder and CTO. "We have been thrilled with the recognition we have received for our technological achievements in data acceleration. DAP provides remarkable improvements in the performance of High Speed Internet connections, and we continue to innovate new ways to give the best user experience for downloading, watching videos, or browsing the web."

Speedbit has been overwhelmed by the exceptional commitment and involvement of DAP users all around the world, who have embarked on a mission to make DAP speak their own language. Soon, DAP will be available in dozens of new languages, thanks to users contributing to the Speedbit Translation Wiki.

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Established in 1999, Speedbit pioneered data acceleration on the Web with over 166 million installs of Download Accelerator Plus.
Speedbit's motto is to make it very easy for DAP users to use DAP, yet there are always many helpful features to discover and use within DAP. Millions of people every day use Speedbit software applications to download and watch video on the web. By using Speedbit applications millions of people around the world reclaim their bandwidth, save time and enjoy the Internet as they should have.
Speedbit continues to innovate with video streaming acceleration (Speedbit Video Accelerator). Speedbit's success, innovation and technology were featured in Business Week, and this year Speedbit was awarded the World Economic Forum's 2008 Technology Pioneer award.

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For more information please visit our web site at - www.speedbit.com

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