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Speedbit announces release of its new version - DAP 8.7.

The 2008 World Economic Forum Technology Pioneer crossing 160 million installs

Haifa, 21 August, 2008

Speedbit (http://www.speedbit.com) the leader in data acceleration technology, and the 2008 Technology Pioneer by the World Economic Forum, announces today the release of its new version - DAP 8.7.

Speedbit has set its goal to solve one of the well known web mysteries - why in a world with ultra high speed connections, downloading still take too long and high quality smooth video streaming is still hard to find...

Speedbit has developed its proprietary multi channels technology, its mirroring database and smart algorithms for dynamic optimization of data transfer that offer web users downloads in the maximum speed their connection can support, and to enjoy no buffering and/or picture freezes while watching video streaming. To date over 160 million installs of Download Accelerator Plus have been made all over the world.

DAP's proven and patented multi-connection technology and algorithms allow users to finally enjoy in practice the bandwidth they thought they have and have paid for.
Its unique technology bypasses and overcomes common bandwidth obstacles such as busy servers, congested paths, sluggish connections, as well as many other common internet hiccups.

DAP 8.7 brings performance, with the fastest possible download speeds, while maintaining simplicity as key feature. There's no need to learn how to operate DAP, no need to adjust to new windows and buttons, once users downloaded DAP, they just can keep on doing what they always do and let DAP speed up their downloads. Speedbit's DAP 8.7 also allows those wanting more advanced features to find plenty of valuables features and capabilities just a click away.

DAP 8.7 works with even the newest platforms, such as Microsoft Windows Vista, Firefox 3.0, Internet Explorer 8.0 and many more.

With DAP 8.7's expansion - Speedbit Video Accelerator, watching videos on the web reaches a new high with the elimination of common phenomena as picture freezes, and buffering on videos from sites such as Reuters, MySpace, DailyMotion etc. and allows web users all over the world a smooth and enjoyable viewing experience. It also supports acceleration of downloads on iTunes (a test in Speedbit labs resulted in cutting the download time of a full featured movie from over 3 hours to about 30 minutes! using a 5Mb connection).

Ariel Yarnitsky, Speedbit's CEO: "We are very excited with the evolvement of Speedbit, its products and technology. The warm embrace by millions of users all over the world and their vote of confidence in our products is the source of our motivation and the reason to keep pushing forward". Idan Feigenbaum, Speedbit's Founder & CTO: "Our goal is to offer our users the Speedbit technology on every device and platform they use, from cellular phones and game consoles to TV set top boxes, bringing them speed and performance wherever they are. We have some exciting new releases around the corner including an Xbox 360 accelerator"

About Speedbit


Established in 1999, Speedbit pioneered data acceleration on the Web with over 160 million installs of its Download Accelerator Plus.
Speedbit's motto is to make made it very easy for DAP users to use DAP, yet there are always many helpful features to discover and use within DAP. Millions of people every day use Speedbit software applications to download and watch video on the web. By using Speedbit applications millions of people around the world reclaim their bandwidth, save time and enjoy the Internet as they should have.
Speedbit continues to innovate with video streaming acceleration (Speedbit Video Accelerator). Speedbit's success, innovation and technology were featured on Business Week, and this year won Speedbit the World Economic Forum's 2008 Technology Pioneer award.

For immediate release contact Public Relations - pr@speedbit.com

For more information please visit our web site at - www.speedbit.com

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