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Speedbit Records 30 Millionth Registered User of Download Accelerator Plus (DAP)
in Less Than 2 Years

Globally-spread Internet users with DAP on their desktops balance load across the entire World Wide Web

Haifa, Israel, October 1, 2001. - Speedbit Ltd. today announced that 30 million users have registered for Download Accelerator Plus (DAP), its popular platform for delivery of rich media content over the Internet, since the program was first introduced 23 months ago. DAP enhances reliable delivery of software, music, games, movies and videos over the Web, speeding the process by as much as 200% to 400% according to users' comments and professional reviews. DAP achieved its popularity strictly by word of mouth and user recommendations, resulting in 60,000 to 70,000 users who opt-in and register the program every day.

DAP's delivery platform is extensively used by its vast user base, delivering 8 to 9 million files per day for a total of about 3 billion downloads so far. DAP's popularity is further attested to by its ranking for the past year and a half among CNET's top PC downloads. It may be freely downloaded from the Speedbit website (www.speedbit.com).

Accelerated Content Delivery with Distributed Load Balancing

DAP achieves highly accelerated content delivery by first detecting mirror servers that host the requested file, and then performing a client-side optimization, checking in real-time the responsiveness of the available servers from each user's perspective, and finally initiating a multi-connection multi-server download process. This effects an efficient balancing of the load among available servers across the entire World Wide Web, and reduces download times for users while allowing them to receive maximum benefit from their available bandwidth.

"By insuring that each user will obtain the files he wants from the most responsive servers for his or her location, DAP contributes to the distribution of the load among all available servers. The more globally spread the user base, the more effective the load balancing," said Speedbit Co-founder and CTO Idan Feigenbaum.

Cooperation with Speedbit

Content owners and content delivery networks (CDNs) can easily benefit from cooperation with Speedbit which will allow them to make sure users are directed to the most appropriate servers at any given time, thereby solving their last mile problem. DAP is also a boon for services such as video-on-demand, online music subscriptions, and delivery of other rich media content. Its persistent presence on the user's desktop enables such providers to proactively maintain contact with users for periods greatly exceeding those characterizing conventional browsing.

Speedbit attains profitability

Speedbit investor Yossi Vardi, who was also a founding investor of ICQ (acquired by AOL in 1999), points out: "DAP's tremendous popularity enabled us to secure increased content promotion revenues, which, combined with the June launch of a fee-based version of DAP with a richer feature set and enhanced functionality, resulted in Speedbit's turning profitable in Q3/2001. In view of the current economic trends, particularly with reference to Internet related services and software, this is an exceptional achievement," concluded Vardi.

About Speedbit

Founded at the end of 1999, Speedbit is a privately held company with headquarters in Haifa, Israel. STI Ventures, an international early-stage investment company, with an emphasis on Israeli technology, together with Yossi Vardi and company founders Idan and Yerach Feigenbaum are the key investors in Speedbit. Strategic investors in STI Ventures are Softbank, Comverse Technology and Pacific Capital Group.

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