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Download Accelerator Plus Gains 20 Million Registered Users in Less Than 18 Months

Organic growth boosts new registrations to nearly 2 million every 30 days.

Haifa, Israel, May 6, 2001. - Speedbit Ltd. today announced that Download Accelerator Plus (DAP), its freely distributed platform for delivery of rich digital content, including software, music, games, movies and videos, has exceeded 20,000,000 registered users - in less than 18 months since the release of its popular Version 3.9. DAP's popularity is spread strictly by word of mouth and user recommendations, and about 2 million new users register every month. DAP has been one of CNET's top downloads for PC for the last year, and is used to deliver 7 to 8 million rich media files every day.

DAP enables highly accelerated content delivery - up to 200%-400% faster according to users' and website reviews. It achieves this by detecting mirror servers that host the requested file, determining which servers will be most responsive for the specific user's location, and then initiating a multi-connection multi-server download process. This allows users to receive maximum benefit from available bandwidth. DAP makes the process even more efficient by allowing resumption of interrupted downloads if and when they occur.

"In addition to clear-cut benefits for users who download rich media over the Web, DAP's core functionality has significant advantages for content providers, providers of distributed storage services and CDN providers," said Co-founder and CTO Idan Feigenbaum. "DAP's client-side optimization performs a real-time proximity check, taking advantage of the overall conditions of the network from the user's perspective. This extends the delivery optimization chain with load balancing and fault tolerance to the true edge of the network - the user's PC," concluded Feigenbaum.

When users opt-in for DAP's services, DAP gains a non-invasive presence on the user's desktop that lasts on the average several hours, allowing content providers to initiate sessions with users for ads, notifications, news and other communications. This is in marked contrast with ordinary web surfing where the user initiates a session that may last for only a few minutes.

Yossi Vardi, an investor in Speedbit and founding investor of ICQ (acquired by AOL), pointed out that "this persistent desktop presence with its unique delivery technology will give DAP scaled-up subscription functionality, enabling users to subscribe to predefined channels and to constantly and automatically receive new items of preferred content - in short, what they want, when they want it, and completely free of user intervention. DAP's transparency to various Digital Rights Management (DRM) allows content providers to offer paid-for as well as free subscriptions," Vardi said.

About Speedbit

Speedbit is a privately held company founded at the end of 1999 by a young Israeli programmer, Idan Feigenbaum, and his father Yerach. It has received funding from investors Yossi Vardi and STI Ventures, an international early-stage investment company, with an emphasis on Israeli technology. Strategic investors in STI Ventures are Softbank, Comverse Technology and Pacific Capital Group.

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