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Download Accelerator Plus Delivers 1 Billionth File

15 Million Registered Users in Record Time Making It One Of The Net Largest Content Delivery Networks

Haifa, Israel, February 13, 2001. - Speedbit Ltd. today announced the delivery of the 1 billionth file by its Download Accelerator Plus (DAP), a content delivery platform that optimizes distribution of rich media content. DAP is utilized every day to deliver millions of files including music, games, movies, video, and software.

Speedbit also announced that in only 15 months since the release of its popular Version 3.9 it acquired over 15,000,000 registered users for the freely distributed DAP program. Its registered user base continues to grow by about 55,000-65,000 new users each day, exhibiting one of the fastest growth rates in the history of the Internet. "This achievement is especially noteworthy since DAP's distribution relies entirely on organic grassroots viral marketing. No money was invested to promote it," said Yossi Vardi, an investor in the company and founding investor of ICQ (which was acquired by AOL). Indeed DAP has been one of CNET's most popular downloads for the PC for the past year.

DAP Core Functionality

DAP allows file delivery in a highly accelerated and reliable manner - up to 200%-400% faster, according to users' comments and professional reviews. It detects mirror sites that host the requested file, determines which servers will be fastest for the specific user's location, and then initiates a multi-connection multi-server download process. By doing so DAP allows the user to utilize more of the available bandwidth. Speedbit has two patent applications pending regarding DAP's core technology.

DAP's Client-side Optimization Enhances Content Deployment

By its presence on the user's desktop DAP provides the missing link in the content delivery chain which today reaches at best only those ISPs that host the requested file.

DAP's core functionality is performed from the user's desktop, optimizing the content delivery as it is evaluated in real-time from the user's perspective, thus extending the delivery optimization chain to its true edge - the user's PC.

DAP's client-side optimization takes advantage of actual overall conditions of the network, and the deployed storage and mirror servers at the time of use as seen from the user's location.

Load Balancing

DAP identifies the most responsive servers among available mirror servers, thereby balancing server load. The program further distributes the load among the most responsive servers by downloading the file in segments, the size of each segment being determined in direct relation to the server's proximity.

Fault Tolerance

DAP's AlwaysResume service allows resumption of interrupted downloads even if the source servers do not support resume. This enables the user to avoid unnecessary repetitive downloads. DAP also manages fall-back scenarios between the source servers, and provides error checking and recovery.

Boost for Digital Content Subscription Model

DAP's delivery platform coming versions will enables users to subscribe to and receive content in a highly accelerated manner according to their schedule preferences. When a user opts-in for DAP's services, DAP gains a noninvasive persistent presence on the user's PC, making it easier for providers of rich media content to reach potential subscribers. DAP transparency to various Digital Rights Management (DRM) will allows content providers to offer paid-for subscriptions.

"DAP coming versions represent a perfect platform for offering subscriptions for rich media content. Our fast-growing user base is comprised of frequent downloaders who are likely to be early adopters of various digital content subscriptions," says Idan Feigenbaum, Speedbit's CTO and Cofounder.

About Speedbit

Speedbit is a privately held company founded at the end of 1999 by a young Israeli programmer, Idan Feigenbaum, and his father Yerach. It has received funding from investors Yossi Vardi and STI Ventures, an international early-stage investment company, with an emphasis on Israeli technology. Strategic investors in STI Ventures are Softbank, Comverse Technology and Pacific Capital Group.

For immediate release contact Public Relations - pr@speedbit.com

For more information please visit our web site at - www.speedbit.com

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