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Download Accelerator emerges as a leading platform for digital content distribution of software, music, games, movies and videos files.

Distributed totally by viral marketing and growing at rate of about 50,000 new users per day, it reached its 10 million users.

Haifa, November 12, 2000. - Speedbit (www.speedbit.com) today announced that its premiere product, Download Accelerator Plus (DAP) has exceeded 10,000,000 registered users - in 11 months - and is acquiring 1,000,000 additional new users about every 20 days. Download Accelerator Plus has been one of CNET's top most popular download for PC for the last 11 months, another testimonial to the huge interest Internet users have in downloading software, music, games, movies and videos files.

DAP resides on the user's PC improving download speed and reliability. Its persistent presence on the desktop makes DAP a strong platform for digital content delivery as well as additional services to the user.

Download Accelerator Plus users download millions of rich media files every day, including software, games, movies and music, making it one of the very top delivery and distribution platforms for digital content.

Download Accelerator Plus Core Technology

Downloading files from the Internet is often slow and disconnections occur from time to time in the middle of the process, mainly due to traffic congestion. While Broadband connection resolves such problems between the user and ISP (the "Last Mile"), other bottlenecks in the network between the ISP and the rest of the network including remote download severs still prevail.

DAP core technology was developed to address these constraints, improving web download speed and reliability, doing so by several methods to achieve 200% to 400% faster downloads, according to users and website reviews.

On the Internet the same file is hosted on numerous mirror sites, such as at Universities and on ISP servers. When a user begins downloading a file, DAP immediately senses it, finds mirror sites and determines which mirrors sites will be the fastest for the specific user location. The file is then downloaded in portions via several parallel connections and reassembled on the end user's computer.

Download Accelerator Plus Digital Content Delivery Platform

DAP's delivery platform will enable users to subscribe to and receive content in a highly accelerated manner according to their schedule preferences. When a user opts-in for DAP's services, DAP gains a noninvasive persistent presence at the user's PC, making it easier for providers of rich media content to reach potential subscribers. DAP transparency to various Digital Rights Management (DRM) systems (such as InterTrust) allows content providers to offer paid-for subscriptions.

About Speedbit

Speedbit was founded at the end of 1999 by a young Israeli programmer, Idan Feigenbaum, and his father Yerach. "I developed the precursor to DAP out of my wish to experience faster and more reliable downloads, and to fully utilize communication lines," said Idan. "Today, DAP makes the perfect platform for delivering rich media content. Our fast-growing user base is comprised of frequent downloaders who are likely to be early adopters of various digital content subscriptions," Idan concluded.

Speedbit obtained funding from investors Yossi Vardi, the founding investor of ICQ (which was sold to AOL), and STI Ventures Group, which includes among its investors Soft Bank, Comverse Technology and Pacific Capital Group.

"Speedbit's growth rate is one of the fastest in the history of the Internet. Download Accelerator Plus' achievement is especially noteworthy since not one cent has been invested in promoting the product. The product's acceptance is due to its value for users, demonstrating pure organic grassroots viral marketing and word-of-mouth user recommendations," stressed Vardi.

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