Speedbit Commercial Use Notice

PLEASE NOTE THAT ANY COMMERCIAL USE of the Download Accelerator Plus (DAP) and any other software, language pack, media center, upgrades or updates and related materials (“Products”), and all server-side related services (such as: the Always Resume Service , the Mirror Search Service, and Subscription Services) (“Services”) as well as of all software add-ons (such as skins, content and/or services tabs such as Games tab, Shopping tab and/or any other tab) (“Add-Ons”), which may be made available from time to time by either Speedbit and/or any other third-party, to be used in connection with the Products and/or Services and/or Add-Ons , IS STRICTLY FORBIDDEN.

If you wish to engage in any kind of commercial use of the Products, Services or Add-Ons, you are required to obtain Speedbit’s express prior written consent to such use, as well as an appropriate commercial license to use the Product, Services or Add-Ons, by contacting Speedbit via email to the following email address: bizdev@speedbit.com

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