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Download MP3 from any Site

DAP Features - Download MP3 Button Screenshot Want to download videos from YouTube as MP3 music files? Wish you could download MP3 files from any site directly to your iTunes? DAP 10 lets you download MP3 files from any music or video site and automatically adds them to your iTunes library. It only takes one click!

We all enjoy listening to music online, whether it is from a music site or video site like YouTube. But sometimes it's easier to download your music and videos as MP3 files, so you can listen to them anytime without worrying about internet costs, without having an online video play in the background, and without having to navigate between various music and video sites. Having all your favorite music in one place lets you play it anywhere, anytime and on any MP3 music player or mobile device (iPod, iPad etc.).

DAP 10 provides two easy ways to download MP3 files: via DAP Download Manager, or straight from YouTube. Both ways require just one click. DAP downloads the file and
automatically converts it to an MP3 music file. That’s two actions in one click!

Download MP3 with DAP

DAP Features - Download MP3 with DAP Screenshot With DAP 10 you can download and convert to MP3 any video or audio file.
Just click the Download MP3 button at the top of DAP's main window and DAP will automatically download the file as MP3, no matter what the original format was.

If you wish to have DAP automatically synchronize your MP3 downloads with your iTunes library, make sure to check the Easy Sync checkbox on the Download MP3 download window. You can also add a single file to your iTunes library by right-clicking on the file name and choosing Add to iTunes. You can even set the name of the album and artist. These settings will be added to iTunes as well.

The Download MP3 feature is part of DAP 10 add-on system.
DAP 10 add-on system lets you customize DAP with exactly the features you want.
Learn how to enable/disable add-ons

Download MP3 straight from YouTube

DAP Features - Download Video as MP3 Screenshot Once you install DAP 10, the DAP Download and Convert buttons are added to YouTube's site.
To download videos from YouTube as MP3 music files, click the Convert to button located below the video and choose MP3. DAP will automatically download and convert the video to MP3.

If you wish DAP to add your MP3 downloads to your iTunes library, check the Easy Sync check box in the Download MP3 download window. Other iTunes settings can be set by right-clicking on the video name in DAP’s main window.

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