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One-Click Download from Hosting Sites

Tired of following page after page until you reach actual download pages? With the DAPsters add-on you can skip all that hassle and One-Click download from hosting sites such as fileserve.com, hotfile.com, rapidshare.com etc. With DAPsters you won’t need to wait through endless countdowns or browse through the distracting ads on the pages. DAP will save you all that trouble and download the file fast and simple.

To view the list of supported hosting sites, click Tools on the toolbar at the top of DAP’s main window, and then click DAPsters. You can choose to enable any or all of the hosting sites on the list and configure specific settings for each. Just click on the name of a hosting site from the list, check the Enabled checkbox to enable it and make sure to agree to the terms of service. If you have a premium account, you can save your ID and password. Next time you click to download from the hosting site, DAP will kick-in and download the file directly, skipping all the unnecessary screens.

To download files from hosting sites, just click the desired link on the hosting site or copy and paste it into DAP download manager via the Add button at the top of DAP’s main window. DAP will automatically recognize the hosting site and let you review the file information (file name, URL, file type, file size, and file availability status) before you choose to click the Download Now button. When needed, DAP will automatically prompt you with a CAPTCHA confirmation screen or when the hosting site requires that you have an account in order to proceed downloading. With the DAPsters add-on you get all the information you need so you can manage all your downloads from one download manager. DAP accelerates your downloads and saves you the trouble of long download procedures, making sure you get your files in the fastest and most efficient way.

DAPsters is part of the DAP 10 add-on system. DAP 10 add-on system lets you customize DAP with exactly the features you want. To manage your add-ons:
  1. Open DAP and click the Get Add-ons button in the toolbar at the top of DAP's main window.
    The Manage Add-ons dialog box appears.
  2. Click the Installed Add-ons button at the top of the dialog box to view your installed add-ons, or the Get Add-ons button to choose and install new add-ons.
Learn more about how to use DAPsters Manager
DAP Features - DAPsters Manager

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