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Download Safe

With DAP 10 Multi Antivirus Security add-on you can see what the leading security programs say about the files you are downloading.

When you download a file with DAP, the Multi Antivirus Security indicator appears on DAP's download window, letting you know whether your files are safe. The files you download are tested by leading antivirus programs and you receive an alert letting you know if it is a Trusted, Potentially Unwanted, or High Risk file.

Multi Antivirus Security is part of the DAP 10 add-on system.

To install the Multi Antivirus Security add-on:
  1. Open DAP and click the Get Add-ons button in the toolbar at the top of DAP's main window.
  2. Click the Install button next to Multi Antivirus Security.
  3. Click the Restart DAP button to complete the installation. DAP restarts and the add-on is installed.

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