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DAP Scheduler allows you to program DAP to download desired files whenever you prefer. You can even get DAP to download your preferred files on a daily basis. Just choose the day and DAP will automatically connect to the server, download the file(s), disconnect and shut down your computer after the download is complete; all according to your preferences.

  1. In DAP's main window, select the Tools menu and choose Options. DAP's Options window appears. Select Scheduler on the configuration page to display the Scheduler options.
  2. Choose between Once at, a one-time scheduled download, or Daily, a daily basis download. Choose Daily to specify the days and times for DAP to download your files. Pressing the Days button lets you pick one or more days of the week on which to download.
  3. The Stop scheduler at option lets you tell DAP to stop the download at a given time, regardless of whether the download process has been completed. Set the time you want DAP to stop your downloads.
  4. The When scheduled downloads begin option lets you decide where to insert scheduled downloads - at the beginning of the queue or the end of it.
  5. After scheduled downloads stopped/finished lets you program DAP to disconnect from the Internet, close the program (Quit Download Accelerator) or shut down your computer.
  6. To schedule a file to be downloaded at the chosen time, Right-click the file in the main screen and select Scheduled Download.
  7. You can choose to schedule an item as you download it. When you click a
    download link, the File Download/Opening window appears. Click the triangle 

    next to the Save button to bring up the save options. Click Schedule to add the file to your list of queued files.

Download Accelerator Plus (DAP) - Scheduler Options window screenshot

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