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  1. What are DAPsters?

    With the DAPster add-on you can One-Click download from hosting sites such as fileserve.com, hotfile.com, rapidshare.com etc...avoiding the need to follow page after page until you finally start to download. No need to wait through endless count-downs. Avoid the distracting ads on the pages and if there is a CAPTCHA requirement (to type in twisted characters in order to proceed), DAP will prompt you to type it without all the annoying bells and whistles that usually surround it

    Download Accelerator Plus (DAP) - DAPster - Screenshot of hotfile.comDownload Accelerator Plus (DAP) - DAPster - Screenshot of fileserve.com

  2. What is the DAPsters manager?

    This dialog holds a list of all available DAPsters and their settings. Choose the DAPster of the hosting site you are using, make sure it is checked as Enabled and that you have agreed to its terms. If you have a Premium account, save the details and you are ready to go. Every time you click to download from the hosting site, the DAPster will kick-in and make DAP work for you, delivering your downloads in the fastest and easiest way.

    Screenshot of DAPster Manager window

  3. How to download with DAP from hosting sites using DAPsters?

    To use DAP and trigger a DAPster download, just copy the desired link and paste it into DAP via the Add button on the top left corner of DAP's main dialog. You can also right click the desired link and choose to Download with DAP or, if you are using the Internet Explorer browser, use the DAP Link Checker icon to tell you more about the file you want to download and pass it on to DAP for downloading. Once the link is added, DAP will automatically recognize the hosting site and add the link to the DAPsters information screen (see screenshot). DAP will then check the file availability and let you know its status, letting you know which files are available for download and which are not. DAP will even let you know if a certain file is available to download for free and which requires an account -
    Giving you all the information you need to manage your downloads efficiently.

    Screenshot of DAPsters Information screen - How to download with DAP from hosting sites using DAPsters

  4. What is the Premium Account Requirement dialog?

    Sometimes hosting sites block downloads for free users and let only their Premium or Registered users download the file. When this is the case, DAP will prompt the user that there is no point in proceeding with the download without a Premium account. The dialog that will open will offer to enter Premium account details or get a new premium account. In some cases the user may postpone the download to a later time, when the download might be unlocked. In some cases DAP will also let you view a screenshot of the webpage with this requirement.

    Screenshot of DAPster - Premium Account Requirement dialog

  5. What is the Enter CAPTCHA dialog?

    Sometimes hosting sites need to confirm that the downloader is a person, a human being and not a robot. When this is the case a CAPTCHA is displayed and the user is asked to enter the text string he reads from the CAPTCHA image. In these cases, DAP will bring the CAPTCHA image to you, and prompt to enter it in order to proceed. The Dialog that will open will show the user the CAPTCHA image as seen on the site - after the user enters the text, DAP will automatically feed it to the site and the download will continue. In some cases DAP will also let you view a screenshot of the webpage with this requirement.

  6. What is the Read and accept TOS dialog?

    If this is the first time you are using a specific DAPster to download from a specific hosting site, you will need to accept the site's terms of service (TOS) before proceeding with the download. DAP will prompt to accept the terms once for every site you use. The action you take will be remembered and can be viewed in the DAPsters Manager dialog.

    Screenshot of DAPster - hosting site's terms of service

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