SPEEDbit Olympics

Welcome to the SPEEDbit Olympics page where you can win a full month of Premium Video Acceleration every day!

How do I participate?

  1. Click on "Login with Facebook"
  2. Choose the correct answer
  3. Share the daily question
  4. Submit your answer

How do I win?

  • For every correct answer you will receive a full month of Premium Video Acceleration.
  • The more questions you answer correctly, the more months you will get.
  • An email with your Premium key will be emailed to you after the contest ends.

What is the Prize?

SPEEDbit Video Accelerator Premium - your companion for online videos.
  • Watch online web videos on popular sites without pauses and freezes
  • Get the HD experience as it was meant to be with smooth HD video streaming
  • Accelerate your iTunes downloads and stop wasting time on waiting for your content

What else?

  • A new question will be announced every day only on Facebook, Twitter and G+
  • If you are a winner, your name might be published on SPEEDbit's Facebook wall
  • Every user can participate once per question.

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SPEEDbit Olympics Prize - Video Accelerator Premium