DAP Toolbar Basics

One of DAP most exciting features is the Browser Integrated Toolbar (Internet Explorer only) that allows you to manage all your downloads without interrupting your surfing and without the need to leave the browser to download files with DAP.

  1. The first button allows you to purchase DAP Premium version.
  2. Pressing the DAP button will open DAP's main window.
  3. Pressing the Options button will open DAP's options menu.
  4. DAP's built in File Search makes searching for preferred files to download very easy:
    Choose the category of the file you are looking for (Software, Games, etc.). Type in the name of your requested file and click on the Magnifying Glass to start the search.
  5. DAP's Download Target: when you encounter a file you wish to download you can download it easily with DAP, even if its extension is not in DAP's extensions list. Simply Drag & Drop the file link onto the Target and DAP will commence the download.
  6. This window shows how many simultaneous downloads are currently running.
  7. Download Information: click on the arrow button to view all current downloads: , stop them all, open each of the download screens or open DAP's main window.
  8. One of the DAP toolbar's hottest features: Links Highlight. No more searching for the right link to the files you want. When the 'Highlight' button is selected, DAP will mark the links for you in your preferred color. To change the color used to mark these links, press on the arrow to the right of the 'Highlight' button.
  9. Link verifier: The 'Link Verifier' checks the link's availability. Note: DAP's Free version allows verification of only 3 links per page.
  10. DAP Leecher: do you want to download all the files in the directory you're in? Simply press the Leech button to open DAP's Leecher dialog box where all defined extensions will be automatically checked. (See more details on the menu to the left.)
  11. DAP - DAP Drive Integration: upload files directly to your online web drive, access your account and much more. Click here to learn more.

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