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How does it work

Speedbit, the creator of the most popular download manager - Download Accelerator Plus, is a pioneer in accelerating data delivery. Speedbit leverages powerful, patented, multi-channel technology, to overcome latency and other slowing factors in the internet infrastructure. Speedbit's products boost data delivery speeds and effective bandwidth utilization- Saving you time and money by making the most efficient use of your existing internet connection. Read more about Speedbit's technology
Common connection (without DAP) - Data is delivered via one channel and from one source only.
Downloading data with DAP – Data is delivered in multi-channels and from several parallel sources.

Speed and the Cloud

Speedbit Cloud Accelerator

Moving mission-critical applications into the cloud is a challenge especially with regard to maintaining speed and application response time as well as available bandwidth.

An in-house application is usually controlled and managed by the enterprise IT department who can work on improving its performance. Such involvement is not available once an application is moved into the cloud. The enterprise IT department has little control over the network conditions at the cloud provider's hosted data center.

This lack of control is an important issue which becomes more critical with cloud providers because of the nature of dynamic provisioning. There’s no guarantee that another cloud customer on the same LAN won’t be pushing massive amounts of application traffic over the LAN all at once. E.g. when malicious customers have used the flexibility and limitless computing power of the cloud to launch denial-of-service attacks.

To address these challenges, focusing on application acceleration, rather than network acceleration, is important with cloud-based application deployments.

In the data center, IT can configure SPEEDbit Cloud Accelerator for applications that are about to move to the cloud and then provision another Speedbit Cloud Accelerator with the "user" of the application, be it a branch office, a different data center, an employee device or any type of user for which fast performance of the cloud app is required.

Deploying Speedbit Cloud Accelerator into the cloud along with along with the applications will enable a known set of performance standards and configurations, such as application availability SLAs, to be provisioned in the cloud and will bring some level of application control over the remote network back to the enterprise. Read more

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